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Save up to £1,000
eCargo Bike Grant Fund
The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of eCargo Bikes, to support green last mile deliveries. eCargo Bike Grant funding covers up to 20% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £1,000 per bike. For more information on the grant >>
eTrike Delivery and Passenger Transport
Solutions Offers Zero-Impact Business Opportunities
Tri-king is the new ECO electric eTrike with onboard photovoltaic pedal assist system, designed with the aim of bringing an ecological solution to sustainable mobility. Tri-king was born from the desire to combine the need for deliveries in urban centers with a low environmental impact vehicle and the unique and sustainable way to transport passengers to any destination they desire. Without fuel costs and without emissions, Tri-king allows you to move securely and quickly in total respect of the environment. The eTrike has been seen on the BBC One Show, and is now being used by Royal Mail.
Photovoltaic Pedal Assist System
Technologically versatile and multifunctional, Tri-king contributes to drastically reducing energy consumption thanks to the use of its onboard solar panels. It can move freely within traffic restricted areas, as well as pedestrian areas. Even the environment benefits, with a sensible acoustic pollution reduction and zero emissions to the atmosphere.
Innovative Features
With a payload of 250kg and a battery range of up to 7 hours, our eTrike is our most practical and sustainable product to date. With a range of upgrades from basic accessories like handlebar indicators to windshield protectors and suspension, the Tri-King eTrike can be tailored to your individual needs. What's more, the battery is recharged during use via the onboard Photovoltaic Cell and a Kinetic Energy Recovery System.
Tri-King - eTrike Products
eTrike Battery
Tri-king, the delivery bike conceived to promote cycle logistics and enable faster and eco-friendly delivery services. With Tri-king the driver can transport envelopes and packages of any size in a fast, safe and effective way, moving across the city traffic in all weather conditions. It also allows the service of areas which cannot normally be reached.
The unique and sustainable way to transport passengers to any destination they desire. From beachfront locations to inner city sightseeing tours, our eTrike's are capable of carrying 2 passengers + child in comfort protected from the elements with a stylish rooftop cover. Highly customisable features are what set this eTrike apart from other products on the market. Discover an ECO-friendly and fun way to transport your customers in style.
eTrike Battery

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Business advantages
  • Access to pedestrian areas
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Short and medium distances
  • No congestion charge
  • No driving licence required
  • No acoustic emissions

Tri-king key features

eTrike Battery
7 Hours
eTrike Speed
24 km/h
eTrike Distance
40 km*
*Subject to battery condition and payload


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